Friday, May 30, 2014

Experience the Art of Letting Go

“One person with a divine purpose, passion and power is better than 99 people who are merely interested. Passion is stronger than interest.”

― Israelmore Ayivor 

Set in suburban Powell, Tennessee, Hands in the Air: Jim Kennedy and the PHS Singers is a movie that captures the heart of its audience, and the passion of one music teacher through its intimate look at the creation of one of Tennessee’s top high school singing groups. The movie begins with the group’s final 2013 spring showcase performance that is highlighted by Mr. Kennedy’s resounding message, “how are they going to grow, if we don’t let them go.”  It will be this message that threads the movie together as the film documents auditions, retreats, practices, festivals, performances, and interviews from both current and former members of the program. From the moment he makes the decision to cut one of the veteran singers to the movie’s final performance, Hands in the Air offers an insightful look into one teacher’s program that develops the dynamics of being a group, supports them to excel in performance, and ultimately, watches them  meet his highest expectations. Audiences will laugh, cry, celebrate, and be inspired by this real look at a successful approach to teaching.

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