Sunday, February 3, 2013

12 Great Facebook Pages for Educators

Learning is not the product of schooling, but the lifelong attempt to acquire it. ~Albert Einstein

The digital age has reaped huge benefits for the educational profession, and its impact is felt globally as well.  Educational collaboration extends beyond contract hours and for an educator, lifelong learning truly becomes a way of life. While there are many opportunities available through website browsing and navigation, the question for many educators is how to quickly access this reserve of educational information. Where does networking start?  How does one get connected with educational vendors and fellow educators from around the world?

The answer begins with social media. The most commonly used social media among educators today include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and blogging. The most common of these is Facebook. While it does cause frustration and headaches to its million users because of format changes and updates, Facebook also encourages its users to remain up-to-speed with new capabilities. Additionally, it can link educators, as well as parents, to many educational resources that include products, activities, information, ideas, and content.

Facebook offers a variety of ways of connecting with other educators through pages and groups.  The following is a list of Facebook pages that offer a wide variety of educational resources. -An excellent resource for both parents and teachers providing developmental information and ideas about children.

ScholasticTeachers -Provides updates and resources for reading and reading interventions.

Education World  -Resources for classroom teachers at all grade levels. Also, provides links to informational teacher blogs.

Facebook in Education -Discussion and information about how educators can use Facebook as a resource.

K12 Inc. -Provides a variety of educational resources for parents and teachers in the way of activities, information, and educational links.

Teachers.Net  -Provides teachers with educational updates on strategies, activities, content, and lesson plans.

Creative Teaching Press -Updates on educational products and supplies for the classroom.

Teaching for Change -Provides teachers and parents with educational tools for teaching students reading, writing, and how to change the world. -Resources for teachers on materials, literature, and other educational content for the classroom.

Lesson Planet -Teacher resources for curriculum planning, educational updates, and products for the classroom. -Online professional learning network for educators.

Educator -Provides relevant content for activities and lessons.

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